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New Grizz Garner track "Time That I Am" released!
After much absence due to illness and surgery, Grizz Garner has finally released a new track titled "Time That I Am", his first offering since the operation.
Featuring a catchy beat by Michael Anthony, as well beautiful vocal embellishments by friends Shira Badger and Dixie Martine,
"Time That I Am" is a natural progression from the sounds and harmonies heard on "Polarity", mixing quick, choppy lines, groove-oriented beats and ethereal harmonies, it's definitely a track that will stick with you, so check it out and share it with your friends!

Grizz Garner and 8-BiT collaborate on new track 'WACK'!
Taking a side-step away from the typically more sober approach of 2014's 'Polarity', Grizz Garner and 8-BiT deliver a tongue in cheek offering composed of inebriated free-styles and a disregard for artistry in the new track 'WACK', now in the site-wide playlist and on Grizz Garner's soundcloud page.
Available for free download, check it out!

'POLARITY' Lyric Video Collection Now Available!
That's right! There is now a lyric video for every song on my April 2014 debut release 'Polarity', so if my underbitten delivery has thrown your lyrical guesses off, you can get right from the source via the following Youtube Playlist!


'FIREPROOF' released April 1st, 2014.
Grizz Garner's debut music video from 'Polarity', released April 15th, 2014.

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